Price’s Chicken Coop / Charlotte, NC

Opened in 1962 to cater to the blue-collar workers, nothing has really changed in the past 45 plus years other than now you might find the mayor, lawyers, bank execs. also standing in line wrapped around the building at lunch time. You don’t go to Italy and order the Tex-Mex, same principal applies, get the chicken. Food Network has it listed as one of the top 3 places in the country for Fried Chicken. Even at the busiest times the chicken boxes are flying out at light speed. It is pretty simple, you walk in, place your order, and in about 3 min boxes are slid in front of you, the catch NO SEATING. This is a order out place only. That is why at any time of the day there are all kinds of people eating on the hood of their cars. Things you need to know: closed Sunday and Monday and cash only.

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