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August 01

Hymel’s / Convent, Louisiana

Chicken, Oysters and Andouille Gumbo

July 20

Little Village / Baton Rouge, LA

braided Italian sesame loaf, baked fresh to order, brushed with virgin olive oil, topped off with a coating of fresh-grated Romano cheese, and served it with a side of our signature olive tapannade.

July 14

Albasha / Baton Rouge, LA

Combination Chicken Shwarma and Gyros Plate – Served with Feta cheese salad, hummos and rice.

June 20

Tsunami / Baton Rouge, LA

TransBestBite: no rice, minced spicy tuna, temp shrimp, kani, cream cheese, asparagus, soy wrapped and panko fried with plum, ponzu, and tsurai sauce

April 06

The Rum House / New Orleans, LA

Fried Oyster: Cornmeal dusted Louisiana oysters, caper relish and spicy remoulade

April 05

Emeril’s / New Orleans, LA

Andouille Seafood Gumbo

April 03

ROOT / New Orleans, Louisiana

Cohiba Smoked Scallops Chorizo Dust, Caramelized Cauliflower, Pimentón Patatas Bravas, Black Garlic Fennel Choucroute