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April 22

Canter’s Deli / Los Angeles, CA

Voted the best pastrami by the LA Times

February 18

Bestia / Downtown L.A. CA

Roasted Marrow Bone. spinach gnocchetti. crispy breadcrumbs. aged balsamic.

August 30

Jitlada Thai / Los Angeles, CA

Tom Kha:
rice coconut milk with lemongrass with chicken

March 27

800 Degrees / Los Angeles, CA

Carni: Salsiccia, pepperoni, meatballs, rosemary ham. (with about a dozen other things)

October 09

Langer’s Deli / Los Angeles, CA

Langer’s #19: Hot Pastrami, Russian Dressing, Swiss Cheese, and Cole Slaw on Baked Rye Bread